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What is OTOMI?

The Why Behind Our Name

The OTOMI are an indigenous people in Mexico. They are a beautiful, humble, and hard working community. Their hard work ethic was one of the reasons why I picked the name OTOMI. The other reason I chose OTOMI was due to the embroidering style that the OTOMI are known for.  The careful workmanship of this ancient and traditional style truly amazed us and we knew it needed to be shared with our community. 

The Otomi have been embroidering for centuries, but the embroideries we see today evolved out of the desperate need of the people to find a source of income after severe droughts wracked the country in the 1960s.

The designs are filled with symbols based on native flora and fauna, local beliefs and even primitive cave drawings found in the Hidalgo region where many of the Otomi reside. Our logo was inspired by these beautiful colors and designs.

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Why Authentic Mexican Coffee?

What makes us authentic?

What makes our coffee authentic is that it comes straight from Mexico! Our coffee beans are a unique blend and combination from Chiapas (the southernmost state in Mexico) and Veracruz (eastern Mexico) and create the delicious and UNIQUE Otomi blend! It was important for us and our brand that our coffee blend be strictly from Mexico and Mexico only!

We wanted our blend to be different, original, and to be able to tell people that it was a direct blend of Mexican coffee beans! When we were working with our incredible roaster, they had suggested using beans from Ethiopia and Colombia because we were having a hard time finding the right combination!

BUT we stayed true to what we wanted to serve and bring to the community and our roaster in San Antonio 
(What's Brewing Sa is their name) was able to find the perfect blend using the Chiapas and Veracruz coffee beans! We are the only coffee shop that serves this blend, it is our Otomi blend that was created just for us! We think they absolutely knocked it out of the park!! We don't know about you but we think we have some pretty delicious coffee!

You can always have our delicious Otomi coffee beans at home! We sell them for $15 a bag and they can be ground or whole!

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